What to wear to keep cool in the heat....

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What to Wear to Keep Cool in the Heat.

Our advice on the best fabrics to help you keep cool in the summer heat.

We are getting a lot of questions about what fabric choice is best when trying to keep cool in the summer. I have dressed a few grooms this month for weddings abroad. Especially at a wedding you don't want to be sweltering while trying to look cool and calm!

There are three main fabrics that tend to be our "go to" choice when selecting summer fabrics; cotton, linen and silk. Cotton is cool but in humid conditions it retains a lot of moisture and can become clingy and heavy. Linen on the other hand has a very porous weave and therefore allows the heat to circulate and escape and won't cling like cotton. Linen's only downside being that it creases exceptionally easily. However I do love a good quality linen suit done with the right styling. Silk, has excellent absorption properties and will certainly keep you dry in the summer months.

It is not just the fabric material that can alter how hot or cool you feel but also its construction. A great example of this is seersucker cotton, Indian in origin it is woven in such a way that the threads bunch together, causing the fabric to be held away from the skin and thus facilitating heat dissipation. Indeed, sometimes a heavier but looser fabric can have much better cooling properties than a lighter but tighter cloth. A perfect example of this "heavier but cooler" technique is Fresco Wool. Think of wool and you probably think of nice warm, woollen jumpers but by incorporating a highly twisted wool made from multiple yarns, Fresco Wool naturally opens up its plain weave which allows for a very cooling, summer wool.

Synthetics normally have a bad name when it comes to keeping cool in a suit but a new fabric by Savile Row based Holland and Sherry, Techlana, combines wool and silk with new cloth technologies to create a soft, breathable fabric that's finer than silk and keeps you immensely cool but still holds its shape without creasing. It's also very light weight yet feels like a thicker, more sturdy cloth. All in all, a very fine fabric choice, my favourite for a summer suit!

The choice of suit style should be considered too, opting for a half lined jacket can dramatically increase the comfort of wearing a suit in summer.

NB. It probably goes without saying but lighter rather than darker colours a good bet also.

Happy summer! 

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